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We are more than box builders,

we are experience builders!

Every week – thousands of parcels leave our fulfilment centres in Ireland and the UK.

We pride ourselves in being a key part of the customer journey, ensuring that every order arrives on time and in way that enhances the overall brand and customer experience.

Doing this to a high standard each and every time ensures repeat customers to your website, and so the cycle begins.

Inbound Inventory and Storage

Inbound storage is one of the first steps to any Fulfilment model. Your stock is accepted at our fulfilment centre and is meticulously accounted for, accepted and logged onto our state-of-the-art SAGE software infrastructure.

Each item is given a specific ID number that is later used by our pickers when scanning a product. This ensures accuracy for each order that is filled meaning less returns or complaints meaning higher customer satisfaction.

Pick, Pack and Despatch

Pick, Pack and Despatch for Ecommerce, otherwise referred to as order fulfilment, is the process that commences once we receive an order from your customers. Each order that is received from your Ecommerce website is given a specific picking docket that is relayed to our skilled pickers.

Reading our scanning guns, we prepare your customer orders and get them ready for despatch. We use a range of curriers to ensure the fastest delivery times and the most competitive rates for you. This is our main touchpoint to your customers and that experience needs to be right. Accuracy, speed, and efficiency are all paramount with this service.

Customer Care

Our customer care team are onsite to help you and your customers answer any queries they have. Everything from checking your inventory, the status and location of a customer’s order, the numbers of orders being fulfilled at any one time.

Best in class customer service has been the bedrock of our success and will continue to be at the fore front of everything we do.

Ecommerce Expertise

Through our own Ecommerce success and learnings in the early years we can advise on how to increase the performance of your Ecommerce platform.

Everything from website functionality and integration to digital marketing and customer journey optimisation – giving you the ultimate online sales funnel.